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Windows 10 Black Screen after Update: Resolve the Black Screen Problem – Question Info

by Antonis Georgopalis on 15 Φεβρουαρίου, 2023 No comments

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I am unable to access anything on my computer besides task manager. If you are also Suddenly seeing nothing but a black screen and your mouse pointer after login to your Windows 10 PC Here different solutions apply to solve this problem, whether you have access to the desktop or not.

Where you will get the Startup repair option that helps to diagnose and fix startup problems that cause, Prevent windows to Start normally. If after performing the above steps Get back to the normal Screen? Then try the steps below to avoid the back screen problem on the next Boot. That Start windows with minimal system resources so that you can perform troubleshooting steps normally.

The Number of users who disable fast startup features helps to fix Windows 10 startup problems include Black Screen with cursor Stuck, Blue Screen of Death, etc. As discussed Before A missing or outdated device driver in your computer can cause your computer to have a black screen.

Especial if the problem started after the Recent windows upgrade, Then may the Display driver is older, Corrupted, or not compatible with the current windows version. This causes you to need to update the Display driver with the latest version. It’s also wise choice to backup files before resetting your PC or after you fix this problem so as to avoid data loss.

Hi, I have been trying to login to my computer for two days but every time I enter my password a black screen with only a cursor appears. I am unable to access anything on my computer besides task manager. I tried to run explorer. Hope you can help. Sometimes Windows may display a black screen with cursor after login, which is also known as BSOD black screen of death. It’s quite frustrating because no error message or code will be provided. But don’t worry too much, we’ve complied some possible causes in the following article.

Generally speaking, BSOD may be caused by outdate or incompatible driver, corrupted system files, corrupted user profile, hardware conflicts, virus attack, etc. Thus, the solutions will be given based on different causes. You can try following fixes one by one to fix BSOD. But please note, except for the basic troubleshooting, other solutions require you to enter safe mode or recovery environment at first. To fix the black screen with blinking cursor error, you need to try some basic troubleshoting in order to avoid further problems, such as, computer fails to boot.

Then, let’s get started. The hardware conflicts can be the one of the most common reasons for black screen. To check it, you need to remove all the external devices. Step 2. Remove USB, external hard drive, headset and microphone including the charger cable. If your computer is a laptop, you still need to remove the battery. Step 4. Put back the charger cable and battery , restart your computer and see if the problem is solved.

Note: If you installed the external graphic card, you need to remove it before restarting computer. Step 1. Step 3. In the Create new task window, type Explorer. Then, click OK. Open task manager in the black screen window. If it does not fix the problem, type DISM. Type recovery in the search box and select it. Step 5. Confirm the restore point and click Finish to restore computer to an earlier date.

If you are not able to access the safe mode, you can go to the Windows recovery environment and try to troubleshoot your computer with given recovery tools, such as, Startup Repair, System Restore, System Image Recovery, Command Prompt, Reset this PC. Reset this pc can be the last resort if you cannot fix the black screen error. It allows you to reset this pc and keep files in Windows 10 , but apps and settings will be removed thoroughly. Having said that, some users still say they lose their important files during the process.

Thus, please take it seriously before use. It’s a wise choice to backup important files or system. You can download it to explore it yourself. Here I’ll take file backup as an example to show you the entire process, you could follow the steps below. As you cannot access your computer, you need to create bootable USB on another working computer and boot from it.

Connect the bootable USB, change boot priority of it and boot from it. Click Add File or Add Folder and select files you want to backup. If you want to backup files with a certain file extension , you can click the funnel shape at the right side of the selected folder and set the specific file extention.

Note this feature is available on the professional version, you can upgrade to it if needed. Click the folder shapped button to select the backup destination. If it’s an external hard drive, you need to connect it to the computer having problem. One single backup will only backup data at that point, which will not include the changes made later.

Thus, if necessary, it is suggested to create a schedule backup so as to continously protect data. To make it, click Schedule and select any of backup settings you like.

Then, click OK to save the chanages. Access the Windows recovery environment. Here you will asked to reset this pc while keep files or remove everything, select Keep my files. In the Ready to reset this PC window, It will tell you that the apps or settings does not come along with this PC will be removed. Confirm it and click Reset to start the process. Updating BIOS is a procedure for advanced users. Step 5: You need to click Troubleshoot in the popup window to continue.

Step 7: Choose Startup Repair in the Advanced options screen and wait for the process to be completed. If not, try the next fix. Here is how to do that:. Step 2: You should choose Troubleshoot in Choose an option , and then choose Advanced options. Step 5: Follow the guidance to restore your PC.

When a warning window for formatting pops up during the process, you need to click Yes. Receive the system image restore failed error message in Windows 10? This post shows you full solutions to fix it on 3 common cases. The steps are as follows:. Step 1: Enter WinRE. Then, wait until the procedure ends. To run DISM, you should type the following commands one by one.

Step 1: Enter the WinRE. Step 2: Choose Keep my files and continue with the resetting process. You can get some feasible methods to get rid of it. Click to Tweet. What should you do after fixing the annoying issue? Here is a piece of professional backup software — MiniTool ShadowMaker for you to do that.

It enables you to back up files and keep them safe from an unbootable computer. Besides backing up files or folders, it can also back up disks, partitions, and even the operating system.



How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 10 with Cursor Issue? Top 6 ways to fix Black Screen Error.Solved: windows 10 black screen with cursor after windows update ()


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Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. Are you looking for solutions to fix the windows 10 black screen problem that started after install the latest windows update? And most probably this issue causes Because by the Display Driver, may the current Display Driver is not compatible with the new Windows 10 version 21H2 or the Driver is get corrupted.

Again hardware performance issue or system file corruption also results in windows black screen with a cursor after login or before login.

Every time I enter my password a black screen with only a cursor appears. I am unable to access anything on my computer besides task manager. If you are also Suddenly seeing nothing but a black screen and your mouse pointer after login to your Windows 10 PC Here different solutions apply to solve this problem, whether you have access to the desktop or not.

Where you will get the Startup repair option that helps to diagnose and fix startup problems that cause, Prevent windows to Start normally. Click the Startup tab and then the Open Task Manager option. In the Task Manager window, click the Startup tab. Then, select each app and click Disable. If you can start your computer normally after a clean boot, you still need to check the problem was caused by which items.

To make it, follow the steps below. In the lower location, tick Hide all Microsoft services and select one of the services , click Apply and OK. If the selected service is not the casuse of the problem, repeat the steps until you find the problematic item. Recently quality update can be a cause for windows black screen with cursor after login error, because it may rollout bugs and compatibility issues.

In order to uninstall it, you can do with the following steps in safe mode. Fast startup is a feature in some installations with specific hardware configuration, and it allows a device to boot faster. Sometimes it may cause the black screen error, so you need to disable it in safe mode. In order to do so, do as instructed. Open Control Panel. Then, select System and Security and Power options in order.

In the Power Options window, select the Choose what the power button do option. Uncheck Turn on fast startup recommended option and click Save changes button. Incompatible drivers can also cause this black screen error, to fix it, you need to uninstall installed graphic drivers in safe mode.

To do so, use the following steps. In the Device Manager window, expand Displayed Adapters. Then, right-click the installed display adapter and choose Uninstall device. Here you will see the Uninstall Device window, be sure the option Delete driver software for this device is checked and click Uninstall again. Once the device restarts, your computer will try to reinstall the graphics driver automatically to solve this error.

Wi-Fi option disappeared after windows 11 update solved. Windows 11 search bar not working or fails to load 5 solutions. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Accept Read More. Vendor List Privacy Policy. How To Guide Windows Last updated Nov 2, 0. Contents 1 Windows black screen with cursor after login 1. You might also like. If yes, proceed below solutions. Method 1. Update Graphics Drivers in Safe Mode As we have mentioned above, the incompatible graphics drivers may trigger the black screen with cursor bug in Creators Update. Expand the category Display adapters to locate your display card. Right-click on it and choose Update Driver Software.

Method 2. Uninstall Uxstyle to Fix Black Screen with Cursor for Creators Update According to some users’ comments in the forum, uninstalling UxStyle, a patch which relaxes Windows theme signature requirements to enable third-party customization, could be workable to figure out Windows 10 black screen with stuck cursor malfunction. Method 3. Check Your Peripheral Devices Sometimes the external devices can result in the black screen on Windows 10 problems. Method 4.

Disable Fast Startup to Troubleshoot Black Screen with Cursor Disabling fast startup temporarily could help you to exclude uncertain startups causing the black screen with cursor on Windows 10 Creators Update. Choose Change settings that are currently unavailable. Method 5. Here is how Booting into Safe Mode if the normal mode shows black screen : Option 1. With this method, you will enable to computer to refresh the computer screen.

It will detect any issue with the display adapter and fix it immediately. Follow the instructions below to perform the solution:. Sometimes after a full operating system update, the PC gets reset and cannot instantly detect outer hardware such as a USB or a wireless mouse.

If the USB hardware is still attached to the computer after the update, it may prompt the PC to cause some graphics issues resulting in the black screen. It is wise to unplug all the USB equipment once you see the blank display and restart the computer. You are free to replug the external devices once the screen gets fixed. Sometimes, the Windows 10 update does not instantly install the newer version of the graphics driver.

If that happens, the screen of the PC could turn black consistently due to an incompatible or outdated graphics card drivers. However, it would take some unusual way to update the driver as you would not be able to view the screen and the content of the computer. You can complete the job by restarting your computer and opening it under the Safe Mode with Networking environment.


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Then, in the lower location, updste Hide all Microsoft servcies and click Disable allclick Apply. If System Restore is not enabled on C drive do that now so it’s available in the future. Hope you can help. You could start with checking for loose connections: Is the cable properly connected or is it bent somewhere? Loin a computer is a tricky thing as you never know when a disaster would strike and disrupt your activities.

Antonis GeorgopalisWindows 10 Black Screen after Update: Resolve the Black Screen Problem – Question Info

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